Years of involvement in the "dark sky" movement motivated forming this non profit. The lighting industry's, "Better Fixtures", strategy isn't enough.  There's no night in our cities. Our nocturnal ecosystems are gone. Light pollution is killing people and whole ecosystems and wasting a lot of money. Only France has had the courage to act. France turns off lights at night. And that's where, "Lights Out America!", begins. In short, media ads, we will advocate turning out lights at night in America. Darkness will not come quickly or softly. We expect to meet significant opposition. But we will prevail. Lives depend on our success. This is the right thing at the right time and place.
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Make the Wise Choice.

Because an ounce of Prevention
is worth a pound of Cure.

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This is a Work in Progress. We hope to establish a 
Lights Out...
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1) The IDA's, "Losing the Dark" video is the lighting industry's current thinking on Artificial Light at Night.


2) Dr. Russell J. Reiter
 offers a Physician and Scientist's expert view of the effect of Light at Night on people.


3) The Illinois Lighting Coalition's Analysis presents a detailed overview of Artificial Light at Night.


4) Award winning video, The City Dark.


5) Photos of light reflected from our Earth into the night sky: Usually less than 25.% of ground level illumination

6) Lights Out on Facebook

     Lights Out America!
             It's the Wise Choice.